Worthwhile Ventures Canada Battery Fund – Executive Summary


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The Canadian Battery Fund’s companies sit on the verge of a five-fold increase in global market demand over the next five years, but a Worthwhile Ventures Fund is a bigger discussion.

Worthwhile’s Battery Fund balances profit for investors while building strong economies and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Impact – correcting 25 years of financial practices in M&A consolidation and asset investment that threaten precarious valuations and even broad social collapses here.

Import policies have been a challenge for Canadian start-ups as China globally controls 80% of lithium raw material refining, 77% of lithium cell capacity, and 60% of lithium component manufacturing. Their success is a tribute to the power of focus: finding national support and a strong leadership model. This is the opportunity that’s here for Canadian companies to grow aggressively – by doing what they do.

The U.S. Finance Industry was an industry that focused on Asset Management and accounting-driven risk-driven analytic trickledown investment; while ignoring the $30 billion lost daily to the broader economy.

Industry leaders who followed this model in many other nations created bubbles, runaway debt, inflation, opportunity-quelling financial inequality, and supply-chain weaknesses.

The Canadian Battery Fund builds a supply chain presence in battery technologies and revenues that can grow with government support programs to improve Canada’s capabilities in this exploding global marketplace.



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