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Commercial Investors, Economic Development Organizations and Strategic Partners look to Worthwhile for their one-stop shopping needs in sustainable, impact development. CAMPUSes are profitable investments that benefit local economies and inject prosperity and good lives. Our Partners benefit from $100 million programs targeted at their pain points, risks and cost in Research & Development

Reach out to speak to us about the surprising benefits that your Partnership with a Worthwhile CAMPUS company can bring today

Economic Development

Economic Development

Build easy, exciting, affordable, and innovative Economic Injectors by sponsoring a Worthwhile CAMPUS in your community

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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnership

Pharmaceutical groups use Partners to reduce cost and risk in R&D routinely. Our Strategic Partnership program does more than most others as we bring $100 million in robotics teams and R&D Research to our partner’s pain-points.

Having partners that explore different tacts at the same work, saves the time and effort of running multiple approaches. When two are up and running, you can simply chose the best.

CAMPUSes can accept two partners per industry, so reach out and inquire about Partnership early


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Worthwhile Ventures Capital is a subsidiary of Worthwhile Industries Incorporated

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