Worthwhile Industries, and its subsidiary Worthwhile Ventures Capital, is Do-tank to Think-tank CSQ Research located in Toronto, Canada

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Worthwhile Industries is Do-tank to Thinktank  CSQ Research

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The future of Public Utility and Infrastructure Investment

Our most recent thesis “End of War – Managing Mature Capitalism” describes the projects that build Worthwhile Industries. Worthwhile Industries’ Public Utility Infrastructure companies empower financial industries and academia to build Sustainable Societies globally. Our Right Plan of policy, productions, and technologies turn what was high-risk infrastructure spending into an evergreen investment that boosts economies and reduces risk across entire infrastructure portfolios

CSQ 100 Year PlanOur heavily automated public utilities build strong social contracts with a typical mix of 80% private and 20% public ownership. We don’t build tools; we build solutions; and solutions that people can eat, drink, use, and live and work in too. We build healthcare and everything else that is essential to a good life and sustainable society

The Social Contract Product Report (The SCP) explains what is every nation’s ranking for Social Contract, and it estimates the cost to every economy ($3.6 billion per day on average) for weaker Social Contract nations. The SCP proves transparently that strong Social Contracts build strong economies up to 100% – and that the opposite is true too.

FDR built the American Dream and greatest economy of all time by establishing a strong and empathetic Social Contract. Terms like “Socialism” have been mixed and misused to the very great detriment of large-population democracies today; find a disambiguation of socialism here. Socialism’s “ownership of production by the state” is an unimportant footnote and typically is 20% of 200+ country’s military, parks, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and shared government facilities internationally. The far greater concern today is the 50% private ownership by just 1% of the world’s population (unbalanced capitalism)

The USE CASE for the International Monetary System disambiguates and standardized all ACTORs, INPUTs, and OUTPUTs for our economic policy decision-making

Worthwhile Industries and Worthwhile Ventures Capital, are the Capital financing and engineering companies required to build affordable Social Contracts in #WPProjects & Worthwhile Campus programs internationally

We live on a planet with tremendous opportunity for profitable, sustainable, and socially responsible infrastructure investment. Just 20% of our populations are assured the basic human rights of a strong social contract – of food, clean water, energy, transportation, reliable sufficient incomes, security, healthcare, and shelter.

CSQ Research targets the smart, scalable projects needed to make a positive difference quickly, reliably, and also profitably – for commercial investors and for every economy as well


In the book World Peace – The Transition, we explained that science fiction takes just an engineering project to turn almost anything into a reality. The driverless car took just two years to develop and pilot – and at the time of this writing, those pilot cars have completed countless millions of miles of largely accident-free driving. Our CAMPUSes are targetted to build Worldville 1.0s within just two to five years similarly

Don’t forget to ask us about “Genesis” – which is perhaps just seven to ten years away

The Right Plan is the one whose ends, means, practical thinking and purposeful action result in a Good Life. A life full of things you need – and not necessarily a life full of everything you want. With a little luck, goods in body and soul, and by making a habit of good choices that reflect moral virtues of temperance, courage, and justice, a Good Life should be sought and found.

Abridged from Aristotle’s Politic 322 BC  (Messerly, 2013)

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