Cirenergy – Robotic Full-time Renewable Power and Fuels

Cirenergy builds full-time Renewable GeoThermal/Lithium Plants; Hydro Turbine and Hydrogen Generation; Cold-Plasma Waste Gasification; and clean, safe Thorium Nuclear Reactor Energy Plants. We also builds battery manufacturing and storage solutions in our BatteryBots Division of sub-branded products.

At Cirenergy, we’re a Worthwhile Industry Company. This means we realize that credible energy companies never market “energy poverty”. We don’t implement wind systems that will never meet peak demand times of dawn and dusk, and we never construct solar cell technology greater-than 30-degrees latitude – due to current technology limitations.

Our Thorium Nuclear Reactor with 5,000-year batteries presently features the smallest and most affordable nuclear island strategy in the world.

We build Full-time Power Generation plants supporting up to 120,000 homes – and far beyond.

  • Home Energy Efficiency Solutions – Water Heaters, High-Efficiency Furnaces, Heat Pumps
  • Energy Storage
  • Full-time Renewable Plants
    • GeoThermal
    • Hydro
    • Solar Tower
  • Battery Mining, Manufacturing, and Marketing
  • Waste Gasification Plants – plants that provide power for 2-3000 homes
  • 96000 rpm air-bearing Micro-Turbine Power Plants that run from hydrogen, diesel, kerosine, and gasoline with ultra-high and low-or-no emissions. The same technology that powers this 1000-horsepower 1000-mpg supercar


Our GeoThermal energy plants are built around automated drilling platforms that can generate clean power from the earth’s own abundant Core Reactor. Other Energy Generation Technologies planned for automation include safe, inexpensive Thorium Nuclear Reactors and – very soon – we are hoping that Cold Fusion Stations will be added to our list.

Follow CSQ Research’s Science Magazine at and read our Energy Policy Guide to learn more about the exciting future of clean, abundant and inexpensive energy


Our FuelBots division operates and works to automate:

  • Oil & Gas
    • Production & Exploration
    • Refining & Distribution
    • Storage & Transport
  • Natural Gas Utilities
  • Fischer-Tropsch Clean HydroCarbon Fuels (Gasoline & Diesel)
  • Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle systems

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CAMPUS Energy Distribution engineering focuses on automations in:

  • Grid Equipment Manufacturing
    • High Tension Wiring
    • Energy Storage Solutions
    • Transformer Station and Neighbourhood Grid step-downs
    • Transmission Tower
  • Grid Construction, Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Gas-service distribution, manufacturing and maintenance


Energy Storage has hit its stride in 2021 with the announcement of 73 e-powered plugins and fully electric vehicle brand names. Producing Lithium is something Cirenergy has always designed into its GeoThermal station solutions and now Cirenergy takes battery electrolyte and cell manufacturing to a new level

Full-time Clean and Renewable Energy

When enough energy is generated to boil or lift water, you can harvest electrical energy – it’s that simple; the difficulty is in choosing the right energy plant. Generating that energy via combustion, is a very inefficient way to extract energy from a fuel source because combustion only extracts just 10% to 30% of the fuel’s available energy. Fission Reactions extract energy from expensive Uranium, and inexpensive Thorium, much more efficiently, and so do Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, extracting energy at up to 80% and 90% efficiency. Both of these processes are relatively easy to build – for any qualified engineering team.

The “Diamond Battery” even solves fission’s radioactivity problem by creating a 5,000-year battery encasing waste in synthesized diamond; the Diamond Battery has the radioactive signature of a banana, it powers a pacemaker easily, and it won’t need replacement for 5,000 years. At a point, it certainly seems reasonable to assume that we will not be able to keep up with the demand for these radioactive-fuel batteries.

Hot-Fusion Reactions can generate hot-plasma continually without radioactivity, but are very complicated, as yet unproven, and are very expensive and take decades literally to build.

Our recommended clean-energy technologies and policy are full-time solutions only; no part-time solar panels nor windmill solutions are considered in a serious energy discussion. Read more about Energy Poverty and Government Energy Corruption here.

Your first option is usually Hydro whenever available; followed by our lucrative GeoThermal Plant System; if you live in a Solar Region of the planet – Molten Salt Solar Tower is your next best choice followed by Thorium Reactors (an important replacement for current Rapid Breeder Uranium Reactors technology).

Thorium is cheap, plentiful and these reactors can never “run-away”. Branded much safer for use in urban areas, the Thorium Fuel waste can never be weaponized; this meant that expensive Uranium Reactors were preferred during the cold war years in the 1960s.


All about Steam

Full-time Renewable Energy is cheap, clean, creates abundant energy and avoids Energy Poverty. Steam expands 1000-times in its conversion to a Gas and Steam Turbines are the source of 95% of all the world’s power today.


Automated GeoThermal Power Plants tap our Planet’s natural core reactor. GeoThermal powers 50,000 homes per plant and harvests 7/24 clean, renewable power from almost anywhere on the planet. Cirenergy’s low-cost high-quality GeoThermal Plants can be completely paid-for in as little as three-years – ask us how.

Waste Gasification

Cold Plasma Waste Management Plants provide power for 2-3000 homes.


Molten-salt Solar Towers

Power 50-100,000 homes depending of configuration

SMR and vSMR Thorium Reactors & 5,000 Year Battery Plants

Small and very small modular reactors power 60,000 homes with each safe, inexpensive plant, and turn radioactive by-products into lifetime batteries that have the radio-activity of a banana. Thorium Reactors are available as Government-sponsored initiatives only.

Cold Fusion

The future is cold fusion – whereby a single glass of water can yield the power of the sun. Research programs are available as part of a long term research program.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.31.03 PM


Fuels make energy portable and store 100x a battery’s energy by weight. FuelBots produce Clean Fuels locally and automate Raw Refining and Transport that optimizes Export. Our products include Fuel Cell Hydrogen and O2 bi-products alongside Fossil & Clean Synthetic Fuels.



GridBots manufacture the components needed to build and install an energy grid automatically. When broken down, there are approximately 50 components – from towers, wiring, transformers.



The Holy Grail to End Extreme Poverty is automated Distribution. Yes we are working to automate the manufacture of Grids as well.

Battery Mining and Manufacturing

Abundant Clean Water

What do Aruba, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.S. Gerald Ford AirCraft Carrier have in common? Energy; enables Distillers to create 400,000 gallons of fresh water a day since Nimitz-class vessels. Abundant Energy ensures as much as clean water as needed for Aruba the same.


EPC contracts are an essential part of agreements in the power and energy sector today. An EPC arrangement between parties places responsibility on a single provider to oversee design and construct an entire facility. At the end, the EPC contractor often hands over a set of keys to the developer who can begin operating immediately. 

Energy companies involved in crude oil and natural gas companies, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), call on Cirenergy, FuelBots, and GridBots for our EPC (engineering, procurement and fabrication) expertise.

As a top EPC contractor, we understand the complexities involved to deliver large-scale infrastructure. We know what it takes to complete EPC endeavors safely, on time and on budget. Whether it’s oil and gas terminals to feed pipelines or critical infrastructure like crude oil storage terminals, we can help you identify opportunities and develop solutions with our proven EPC services.

What is an EPC?

EPC stands for engineering, procurement and construction. For many businesses in the energy industry, it’s a highly effective turnkey solution to move your product to market. For large-scale critical infrastructure, an EPC contract provides a highly effective turnkey solution. There’s a lot packed into these three terms, as follows.

The “Engineering”

Our engineering expertise moves more product to market. That’s because we focus on complete, multi-discipline and cross-industry solutions. Whether it’s feasibility studies, Front End Loading (FEL), Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies, 3D facility modeling, project cost estimates, P&ID development, plot plan development, structural design/analysis, tank design/analysis, electrical design, instruments/control systems, piping design/analysis, or commissioning and training, our complete range of engineering services will bring a higher level of expertise to your next project.

Partner with us to see no-one is better qualified than our team to deliver on your EPC contract needs.


In today’s marketplace, a winning procurement strategy means finding a partner can deliver items to spec, on time and within budget. When you work with Cirenergy, you partner with a qualified leader who will successfully guide you through the procurement process. To us, that means always ensuring materials are sourced to specification. It means making sure deliveries arrive on schedule and it means taking the initiative to move to the next task. We procure items quickly so your product moves to market, faster.


Projects come to life with construction. At Cirenergy, we offer a variety of industrial construction solutions – as you can see above on this page.


Call Cirenergy

For all your energy infrastructure needs, call Cirenergy. We also build pragmatic clean, sustainable, robotic systems with unsurpassed vision, that reduce construction, maintenance, and life-cycle management costs. Automation in energy infrastructure improves the quality and reliability of your energy grid.

Contact us for more information or to receive a quote for your next project at

Cinenergy is a Worthwhile CAMPUS Company and so it always creates economic injectors that we protect projects and communities too.



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