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Commercial Investors, Economic Development Organizations and Strategic Partners look to Worthwhile for their one-stop shopping needs in sustainable, impact investing. CAMPUSes are profitable investments of a good size and guaranteed return in many cases; they benefit local economies and inject prosperity and good lives which ensure sustainable investments

Reach out to speak to us about the surprising benefits that your Soveriegn and Pension Fund Investment with a Worthwhile CAMPUS approach can bring today

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Commercial PE & VC Investors

CAMPUS Funds are strategic $250 million+ individual offerings grouped in $1 billion annual fund rounds with production targets and reliable, industry-leading gains in trending and sustainable productions

Largest Network with Experienced Local People

Worthwhile’s private equity network is comprised of offices that roll out globally to 200 countries, making it one of the most geographically diverse and longest legged networks of any private equity investor worldwide

Local companies are led by senior professionals with long industry tenures and deep roots in their local market

Each team works to local national industry, accounting, and legal reporting standards with A-tier governance auditing. InvestorTrack is Worthwhile Capital’s performance reporting portal, available to operations, executives, and investors transparently



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Worthwhile Ventures Capital is a subsidiary of Worthwhile Industries Incorporated

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