Autonomous Delivery Fund – Offering Memorandum (OM)


Worthwhile Funds are available to qualified individuals and commercial investors. Finance Industry regulators require all investment inquiries to be tracked so please request access to all downloadable investor materials by reaching out to us at:

By Email:     By Phone:  +1 (289) 835-3461

The Autonomous Delivery Fund’s companies have increased in value by 200+% annually since 2017, but a Worthwhile Ventures Fund is a bigger discussion.

Today, Impact Investors seek to balance profit for their portfolios, while also building stronger economies and societies at the same time. This need is in response to 25 years of Wealth Theory financial practices, which have created precarious returns and broad social collapse in most high-income countries. Succeeding inside of a shrinking economy is still losing; GDP reports are designed to hide economic collapse really. The practice makes us “King of a Molehill” and it’s not expert finance industry leadership.

Worthwhile’s Autonomous Delivery Fund 2.0 balances profit for investors while building strong economies and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Impact.

Tesla’s explosive growth and financial performance were a big help in lifting this fund to five years of 200%+ annual growth (since 2017).

The Worthwhile Autonomous Delivery Fund builds the inter-related technology companies and supply chain needed to transport:

  • People – to medical appointments, to social and business outings, etc.
  • Food – Organic Grown, Packaged Goods & Meats; delivered to home or to market
  • Goods, Appliances, Pharmaceuticals, and also homes and buildings
  • Raw and Refined Resources, Forestry, and Landscaping
  • and more



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