Worthwhile Industries Hall of Shame

Country Organization CEO Status
Canada BDC - Central Bank, Business Development Bank Isabelle Hudon Permanent
Canada CPPIB - Canada Pension Fund John Graham
World United Nations Executive Office, UNESCO, UNDP
World IMF Kristalina Georgieva

What is the Hall of Shame?

Hall of Shame is a page that no finance organization wants to find itself on.

Worthwhile Industries is a Finance Industry Leadership Plan to build sustainable World Peace, to provide for a world where 90% have no pensions, to double economies with productions that today sit at 1930s levels.

Investment Concentration, Asset Consolidations, and Business Trickledown practices this past 40-years make the decisions of investment committees essential to strategic industry-led economic correction today.

It is CSQ Research’s determination that these groups lack the leadership needed for the roles they have been asked to fulfill.

Related Projects

WP-Projects is the first Engineering Plan (2015) which was to be led and administered by the United Nations.

This year, the UN finally announced a program of Micro-financed Supply Chains for Africa – but that’s too small a scope with a poorly designed plan – by our research.

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