DeliveryBots are autonomous ride-sharing, logistics, warehouse-loading and delivery systems designed to transport long, short & last mile distances for FoodBots, GoodBots, PharmaBots, Robotic Roads, GroundBots, and others. DeliveryBots express products and people where and when they need to be there with unprecedented cost savings and quality of service, safety, and convenience.

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Deliveries are contracted, customer or App-requested, and our paired warehouse-interfacing picking system technology promises to automate the entire Manufacture-to-Delivery workflow entirely. DeliveryBots make use of warehouse order-processing systems, autonomous vehicles, trucks, robots and drones as needed to deliver to the door or any other point in the logistics chain. DeliveryBots’ products are life-cycle-managed.

DeliveryBots, like other Worthwhile PLC Companies, build communities that anyone can afford. Programs like “No Kid Goes Without…” ensure that kids have beds, that families have a roof, groceries, at the same time that at our solutions are profitable for investors and economies. Our systems are also scalable to meet the needs of communities large-or-small worldwide.

DeliveryBots is what a delivery solution for sustainable societies should look like. Read about WorthWhile Ventures Programs here.



Robotic delivery promises deliveries from hub for as little as a dollar.

Ok Google / Hello Siri  – deliver a new bed to Jimmy’s room at 1:00 pm next Monday; with bedding.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Ein Automobil, das mit maximalem Platzangebot und Lounge-Charakter im Interieur das Thema Komfort und Luxus auf ein neues Niveau hebt A vehicle which raises comfort and luxury to a new level by offering a maximum of space and a lounge character on the inside

Navettes Poitiers TRANSDEV

Navettes Poitiers TRANSDEV

From Cabs, to consumer items, to pharmaceuticals and beyond, Driverless cars mean millions fewer cars will be needed in major cities




Integrating with popular eCommerce Apps like WhatsApp and Amazon is straight-forward

sidewalk dronedispatch

Taking the sidewalk

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Interior, One-Shot Loading

Drone and Last-Mile Delivery


Solutions that move Products & Services while we sleep




From as little as $1 per delivery

Maintenance, installation, and end-of-life waste recycling are built right in when combined with other compatible Worthwhile Programs like DotDomo HomesFoodBotsRobotic Roads, MiningBots, GroundBots, Cirenergy and more.

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