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DotDomo Homes build life-cycle-managed Homes and Commercial Buildings

Today’s home onsite construction methods are inefficient and expensive, DotDomo’s robotically built homes and commercial buildings are designed using a mix of automated assembly and 3D Printing technologies on a climate-controlled assembly line.

People change homes an average of eight-times typically  – from your childhood home to college dorms, to bachelor flats, to starter and then family homes, to retirement communities and more. What if – homes were modular; what if you could add and remove nanny suites when grandma moves in to help look after the new baby for a while, add rooms as child number three comes along and take them away as we become empty nesters. What if we could choose furniture and finishings that were as environmentally sustainable – as we wanted?

Dotdomo communities integrate with an array of utility options, septic and online delivery services, in a progressively automating community that can accommodate a wide design variance – from Contemporary, Victorian, to even Venus Project-styled high to low-density planned communities.

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Technology is evolving rapidly; we can 3D Print multi-story buildings today, and a mix of prefab and other technologies mean great design can be affordable and practical too. Paris, France established a six-story building maximum a century ago, to permit light to enter its streets warmly.

RealTown is our 3D video game, similar to SimCity and MineCraft, that allows us to hold competitions for the best home and city designs; and then the winner simply has to hit an enter key to see his creation built as well. It sounds fantastic, but this is a lot less complicated than Google’s driverless cars and AirBus’s plans for a self-driven Air Taxis.

DotDomo Homes are CSQ-Certified, which means that they are constructed with life-cycle-management in mind (built, serviced & connected, maintained, updated and added-on, and then torn-down and replaced – sustainably).

One day, we realize that all homes will be built this way and so DotDomo buildings consolidate the best technology of companies around the world –  scaling as needed to eradicate homelessness and extreme poverty. Remember that no-one starves and everyone has a home when homes and food are assembled for us automatically; and the Business Case for building these systems is a no-brainer so we are smart to make fast progress in this direction via our Infrastructure Spendings.

Whole communities can be built from DotDomo homes, and we call “Worldvilles” until a local name is decided by community members.

Dotdomo builds Residential Homes, Community Centers, Schools, Roads, and Energy,  Fuels and all other networks and services as needed to link these leading centers of prosperous Good Lives – to the rest of the world.

DotDomo Homes and Communities

Houses that are built in as little as two days – and ready to move into within as little as two weeks

With sought after features and amenities

From Unserviced to Sub-divisioned Lots

A home in one day.

Incredible Communities that are absolutely affordable – or pop-up in a day or two too

Home Designs suited to your wants

Big Problems handled …

Stop housing bubbles and home-owner anxiety in their tracks by investing in the future with DotDomo. We build clean, sustainable, life-cycle managed homes that even plan for additions and subtractions as grandma comes to help with little ones family.

Our systems reduce construction, maintenance and end-of-life costs while improving the quality of life for everyone within our communities.

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