GoodBots are robotically provisioned basics. Table sets, cutlery, appliances like irons, coffee makers, refrigerators, stoves, fans, furniture, beds and even clothing like shirts, jackets, dresses, shoes, pants, shorts, socks and hosiery.

Key to GoodBots success is our ability to prototype and manufacture up to 40 different products each year. Online, grey market, or retail selling are all accommodated in our distribution model.

Obviously “GoodBots” is simply a placeholder for go-to-market product branding. In time, favourite brands will emerge as appropriate for markets worldwide.

eCommerce Apps order these goods, robots and drones manufacture, deliver, and the products are life-cycle-managed and even automatically installed as needed too.

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GoodBots builds goods that anyone can afford – and maintain. Programs like “No Kid Goes Without…” ensure that kids have beds, that families have a roof, groceries, at the same time that at our solutions are profitable for investors or communities – and scalable to meet the needs of communities worldwide.

GoodBots is what a solution for sustainable societies should look like. WorthWhile programs and GoodBots promise to build abundance, a Good Life, and even to alleviate homelessness and extreme poverty.



Robotically produced Goods, delivered automatically once summoned by an eCommerce App or Call Center. Appliances, cutlery, a new kitchen table or bed for the kids. Imagine simply picking up your phone and requesting it.

Ok Google / Hello Siri  – deliver a new bed to Jimmy’s room at 1 pm next Monday; with bedding.


The basics are 50-top consumer and furniture items sold in stores today


Integrating with popular eCommerce Apps like WhatsApp  and Amazon



Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Interior, One-Shot Loading

Autonomous Door-to-Door Delivery

  • Manufacture to Warehouse
  • Warehouse to Delivery
  • Last Mile Solutions


What about Installation?

Of course! We’re working the problem everyday




Socially Important

Products, Training, Charities and Correctional Industry Programs include: “No Kid Goes Without” and “MealBots” Charities, Engineering Safety Nets, Retired Engineers and Correctional Engineers Programs


Always Life-Cycle-Managed

From cradle to the grave and in-between, GoodBot products are built to last their engineered lifespan and then recycle to the next current version release. At end of life, GoodBots rely on Waste Gasification and green recycle solutions to create power and reuse per the Right Plan for a sustainable environment.

No-one goes without a Good Life when our basic needs are created and delivered automatically. GoodBots builds the sixty top-purchased quality-products that everyone needs sustainably. Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, Beds, Housewares, bikes and even autonomous cars at a point.

Maintenance, installation, and end-of-life waste recycling are built-in when combined with other compatible Worthwhile Programs like DotDomo Homes, FoodBots, Robotic Roads and Cirenergy.

If any of this sounds like fiction, none of the technology projects described here are unbuildable with today’s technology. Most of the tech is running already building standalone “tools”; we simply apply an integrated “solutions” next step. Our robotic assembly lines and products begin as prototypes and then improve under normal version controls from releases 1.0 to v2.0, v3.1, v5.0 …and so on. Each release adds new capabilities – including improved scalability – so that GoodBots can produce in every community in every nation globally.

Development is built, and GoodBots builds a sustainable society responsibly. These are the underpinnings of World Peace are they not? Race, Creed, and most other motivators of extremism and terror result from failings in freedom, education, opportunity, and the basic needs of every family and home. The basic needs of people on one side of a spinning globe in space; can be little different from the needs of the other…


GoodBots profitably improves the quality of your life, family, home, and community – and our systems scale up quickly to work anywhere sustainably. Reach out for more information at



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